Belt feed conversions

In a continually shifting world of firearms gadgetry, today's discriminating second amendment protector is finally offered an AR-15 style rifle that utilizes time proven technology of the Eugene Stoner/Colt belt-fed configuration.

The Belt-fed, Semi-Automatic rifle (BSR – Mod 1) borrows from the original Stoner/Colt belt-fed design and utilizes modern technology to precisely machine the removable belt box and feed tray mechanism that converts a standard AR-15 style rifle into a belt-fed, semi-automatic support weapons platform. Coupled with the proven design concepts from the original Colt system, Valkyrie Armament LLC can now provide all riflemen and women with a weapons platform that can utilize a virtually unlimited ammunition supply.

Maintaining 85% parts compatibility, modifications to the upper receiver and lower receiver in the form of cut outs and a bolt carrier drive system are the only design changes.

The upper and lower will be modified for the belt feed tray, which can be removed by opening the rifle by the rear take down pin and pushing the mag release, it simply pulls out of the mag well from the top, close the rifle and now you can use standard magazines. Included is One 200 rnd saw ammunition box, one belt box adapter, one belt feed tray assembly , one starter strip, one stop strip, 100 modified m27 links, and one owners manual with instructions for belt fed operation.

Conversions are $3599.00 + shipping

  1. What rifles do you use as donors?
    1. We prefer to use the Colt 6920, however, we have also used many other manufacturers rifles some with great success and others we have had to modify we see a lot of variation in tolerances and Colt seems to be the most consistent.
  2. Are there rifles that you don't use?
    1. Well, this is tough question to ask… the short answer is no… we can convert any milspec AR15 type rifle. Please keep in mind that there may be tolerance issues that may increase the cost of the conversions… this can be addressed upon initial contact with a potential buyer.
  3. What is the warranty?
    1. If you're not happy, we're not happy. For specific rules for warranty service, please see the warranty section.
  4. Are there spare parts available?
    1. Spare parts are available and are all currently stocked.
  5. What is the shipping time?
    1. Complete rifle orders are shipped on the first available Tuesday or Thursday of the week that it is ordered.
    2. Shipping times for conversions are sent via email to the buyer.
  6. Do you do conversions?
    1. Yes! We can convert your AR15 style rifle or registered m16 receiver, this is great for Registered Drop in Auto Sear & registered lightning link owners!
  7. How long do conversions take?
    1. Contact for lead time.
  8. Will this work with a gas piston system?
    1. Yes it will, some piston conversion kits are better than others, for this conversion, most factory piston rifles work great contact us for recommendations.

Call 440-218-7333 for information & sales or see our contact page for other options.