Valkyrie Armament LLC while new in name is not new to the manufacturing field. At valkyrie armament we have machined many different components such as medical devise components, titanium plating anodes for oil and gas power generation for companies, such as bp, Halliburton, ge, and siemens, we make metal forming equipment for the custom car and motorcycle industries they have been seen on numerous television shows and recently in the iron man 1 & 2 movies. Our equipment is also used by the Marine Corps University, the air force, DynCorp International for their Apache helicopter Maintenance Support teams, Los Alamos National Lab, for testing their new polymer compounds, they are also in the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor on historic Ford Island for maintenance and restoration on the old war planes just to name a few. As for Valkyrie armament llc, it was formed in 2009 after a lifetime of being firearms enthusiasts we decided it was time to put our expertise in manufacturing to work in the firearms industry so we decided on a historic project to resurrect the stoner convertible belt fed design and so we present the new BSR-mod 1

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

39 years of machining experience
18 years experience USMC officer combat veteran
10 years full time Leo
Colt certified armoror
glock certified armorer
Certified firearms instructor

Valkyrie Armament llc 07/SOT
7850 root rd
N Ridgeville OH 44039